Systemic Team Coaching: Improving Collective Team Performance

As disruption and transformation have forced executives to diagnose the root causes of poorly functioning team dynamics and performance challenges, Systemic Team Coaching (STC) is gaining ground as a powerful and effective solution to improve collective team performance.

What is Systemic Team Coaching?

STC helps transform disconnected groups into high value creating teams who can work together across functions, effectively manage stakeholder expectations and work through systemic conflict.

STC enables executive teams to transform their businesses through a rapid acceleration of:

  1. Team performance, including enhanced clarity of purpose, improved team relationships and processes, and more effective relationships with all key stakeholders.
  2. Team engagement with the broader organizational systems, stakeholder partnerships and business outcomes, including customers, investors, suppliers, regulators, communities and the environment.
  3. Individual growth and team mindset, improving one's awareness and ability to contribute to the team's collective work.

How Does It Work? 

Odgers Berndtson's STC program engages the executive and their team to identify the key deliverables the team needs to 'own' to meet the fast-changing demands of its varied stakeholders. The program also helps optimize the team's ability to work as a cohesive whole.

The process is customized to each client and generally includes:

  • Team assessment to identify team strengths and opportunities (e.g., team interviews, team diagnostic).
  • Team coaching plan to align desired outcomes and measures of success.
  • Structural coaching to instill the necessary environment and design conditions that enable effectiveness.
  • Emergent coaching to help the team with day-to-day challenges, dynamics that arise and process improvements.
  • Partnerships with key stakeholders to understand the team's broader systemic context.
  • Team feedback, reflection and self-directed learning to provide accountability and supportive challenges.

Our Systemic Team Coaches will partner with you to co-design these phases based on the needs of your team.

Are you Ready to Create Sustainable Change?

Developing adaptive and resilient teams is no longer a nice-to-have but has become a real source of competitive advantage. Systemic Team Coaching is one of the most critical investments a company can make to grow and compete.

Get in touch with Eric Beaudan or Dr. Tracy Cocivera and find out how STC could benefit your organization.

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